Monday, October 15, 2007

Kyler's Art Show

Kyler's art show was awesome! Look at that cutie over there. That's my boy.

To be honest, L.A. just isn't my top choice of where I want to drive, walk down the streets of, smell, or hang out in. But this night gave me a glimmer of lovin for the place! Just off of Figeuroa and the 110, stands a tall wherehousey building. Inside that building on the second floor sits my brother's studio. My brother, Joey Grana II is the owner of Scout L.A. Of course, anything Joey Grana II is going to be quality, bizarre, creative, and welcoming. And it was. There was wine and cheese. There were vintage drapes hanging from the ceiling. Joey had blown up several of Kyler's drawings and displayed them around the studio. There was a rack of Kyler's designer tees (with a Scout L.A./Kyler Aszterbaum label) and a couple of mannequins wearing some of Scout's new line. It was so exciting for us! My brother asked Kyler if he would draw in the bathroom stalls. What 9 year old boy would turn that down?! The night was awesome. It was such a joy to observe Kyler talking to adults about his art. A special love thank you to those friends and family that came to support Kyler last Saturday. It made it so special. And not to mention Kyler's art was admired that night by world-famous runway model, Erin Wasson! (see pic!) (She's the gorgeous one who's mostly legs)

One of the highlights was the kid to adult ratio. Let me explain. Our 4 kids were there, Sophia, Max, Tiara, Michaela, and Baby Maegan were there. I heard my brother and a guy talking about the kids. It was exciting to hear them discuss how happy they were that children were there. They were saying that at these L.A. fashion parties, it's never about the art, but just about who's with who, who's wearing what, etc...but having the kids there totally broke that down. Seriously, kids are just so much cooler than adults. I will always believe that.


Cousin Max

Auntie Becky, Maegan, Moi, and Ellie

Dancin Cousins Sophia, Tiara and Sister Josie

Papa, Grandpa, Grandma Sandy

Grandma and Brother Ethan

Dad...and a head of a ram

Erin Wasson, Uncle Joey (Pirate & Owner of Scout L.A.)

Singer, Songwriter, Jonathon Wilson

Also...Auntie KeKe and Michaela

About the Bathroom Stalls Video Clip


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