Thursday, October 18, 2007

Homeschooling Adventures

Many of you already know we've taken on the adventure of homeschooling. It has been fun! And totally insane. ;) It's hilarious when God calls you to something and equips you as you go, rather than all at once beforehand. And that is exactly what He is us what we need, when we need it. Conversations with other homeschoolers, timely encouragement, resources dropped out of the sky, Aha! But I do often find myself thinking, what's next? But God has proved Himself to be faithful time and time again.

I thought I'd give you a little glimpse into our world, if you care to take a look! I've added some pictures and will continue to over time. Check in with us every once in a while!
Ethan and his Phonics Fighters (they have to fight with their letter's phonetic sound)
Kids making a paper mache globe (Josie said it felt like tuna salad...gross) Field Trip to the Oak Tree Village Wild Animal Exhibit
Yes...we call this Science. It is most definitely Chemistry.
Adjective Apple Tree "How Does Your Garden Grow?" Josie's garden grows red boots!

Playing in 70 mph wind? Oh yes, most definitely Science.

Our field trip to the Orange Railway Museum. This place was so cool, we had it all to ourselves because we went on a weekday. We snuck onto old train cars to see inside...Shhhh...Our replica of the Nile. We planted grass seed in the soil to represent the crops surrounding the Nile. We flood the Nile with water and watch how the flooded river would water the crops every year.

We've been studying the ancient Egyptians. Our history book is called The Story of the World. It is a classical approach to teaching history, basically, it is told through stories! It's a really fun way of looking at history. Not just fact after fact, date after date memorized.


Blogger Sarah said...

You homeschool!! We're just beginning our journey ... with much excitement and trepidation ... We too are going to start through The Story of the World! Have you read The Well Trained Mind? Are you going through a school??
We're currently going through Kindergarten and will start 1st grade with Zoe (my oldest) this fall. So far it's amazing, terrifying, wonderful and crazy.
What are your kids' ages? I'd love to talk/e-mail more - to hear what journey brought you to this point, and how you're doing it all!

June 10, 2008 at 11:02 PM  

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