Friday, November 2, 2007

Our Very Own Argentine Black and White Tegu (well...for a day)

My brother-in-law, who lives down the street, called us and said, "You guys want a three foot lizard?" His neighbor FOUND one! Of course I was instantly excited to at least SEE it, so I sent the kids immediately to their Uncle's house with my camera ( the baby was going down for a nap) The kids ran and ran back so fast to fall at my feet and beg. I texted (what IS the past tense verb of that newly created word anyway?) and said "Wade found a 3 ft lizard, can we keep it?" And his response was "3foot?!!! H*** YEAH!!" So I told the kids we would keep it with the intent of finding the owner. They ran screaming to the neighbor's. They brought her back and I was IN LOVE! I never really considered myself a reptile person, but this little (huge) sweetie instantly grabbed me...well not know...We took her to Karla's Kritter's and said, "We found this huge lizard thing, could you tell us what it is and what to do with it?!" They told us it was an Argentine Black and White Tegu. The owner actually had one as a pet and said it was the best pet.
She was so sweet! The kids LOVED her. I researched Argentine Tegus all day! Watched videos on them, the whole bit. The more I read, the more I wanted to have one of these awesome creatures :) The kids called her "Tina" because she was from Argentina.
We did find her owner. And of course we were happy for them, but I have to admit, we got a little attached, and all were sad to see her go. I know what our next pet will be! Ellie LOVED the bag of crickets we bought for Tina. She carried that bag around all day just watching, and watching, and watching.


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