Friday, February 1, 2008

ALOHA OHANA!!! That means Hello Family!!

Hi sweet babies! We miss you so much already! Mommy and Daddy got here safely. It is really pretty here. We are on the big island of Hawaii (for those of our friends who are reading this...we are NOT on Oahu!!! oops.) GUESS WHAT?!!! The island that we are on has FOUR VOLCANOES!!!! One of them is FLOWING!! But not to worry, the lava is not even close to us. The lava actually flows through underground tunnels to the ocean on the other side of the island. I am bringing some lava rock home to you! The lava rock is everywhere here from a volcano eruption 200 years ago!

We've met some people who live here and they have told us a lot about the culture here. Kyle told us about a beach with black sand from all the lava rock being broken up. He lives in a little village and we are going to see it tomorrow. We'll show you pictures. I also met a lady named Megan who helps homeless children and their families get food and help for school. She was very sweet and it was great to hear about someone helping the poor out here. here are some pictures!! Here's our plane...
I sat by the window right by the wing.

Up up and away we go!!!

There was a movie on the plane, you saw it , Kyler, Game Plan.Here's Mommy with the Movie Pack they give you! It has earphones and goodies.Here we are landing in Hawaii...Our room with a beautiful waterfall just outside.

More later! Make sure you think of at least two things you did like about the play and write them in your book!! I love you!!! Good night sweet babies.


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