Saturday, April 5, 2008

Our Fun Rollercoaster

Homeschooling has been a rollercoaster! And it probably always will be, but just recently, we've become a really fun rollercoaster as opposed to the crickety wooden ones that hurt your back. I have finally found some freedom in it, and it has been fun! I have decided to stop trying to do it the way I think it's supposed to be done... comparing myself to others etc.. and have tapped into what we feel is best for our family. Kyler is able to practice guitar and draw like a maniac, Josie is able to have horse lessons every week and really learn about animals, Ethan is able to...well...besides flipping his body through the air and nearing death through crazy stunts...just be a kid, learning through play. And Ellie is able to soak it all in...and just be cute! So, all in all, a really fun ride...although scary at times!


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