Thursday, May 22, 2008


When family and friends asked us what the kids wanted for birthdays this year...we said, "Disneyland!" So, family and friends, thank you for your generosity! We saved up our gift cards and cash for a couple days at Disneyland! I can't even begin to tell you how much fun we had. Well, I could begin, but not end! We had a blast! The kids were awesome, wide-eyed, daring, adventurous, respectful, and crazy...all elements for a perfect vacation. I want to share some of our highlights!
We dedicated the morning to Ellie Happiness. We wanted to get her into the idea of Disneyland because whenver we talked about it at home she would say,"No, I don't want to go to Dissyland, I don't like it." The big kids were awesome about it, making it really special for her. You know the whole getting overly excited three year old style!

Ok, sometimes Kyler just wasn't that excited about the little rides.

To make the lines go faster, we would play games

And you will see a definite theme going on with Ethan throughout this's your first clue to Ethan' theme for the day... We all went on Matterhorn. Yep...even Ellie! Her first rollercoaster!! Think of the following picture as a scale from 1-4. 4 being "liked it the most" (Kyler) and the consecutive degrees lowering with each child!!

Although Ethan originally ranked a 3 on the How Did You Like the Matterhorn Scale, he flew up the scale and proceeded to ride it four more times with the big kids!

AUTOPIA! I loved this as a kid.

Josie and Kyler on their way to Space Mountain. I was dragging Ethan.


Meet Jolynne!!

Grandma Papa KeKe met us at Disneyland Tuesday night for some fun. Ellie did NOT like Pirates or Haunted House. Pretty much anything dark!
We walked single file lined everywhere we went to stay together. Joey led and I brought up the rear! He made it fun :) PRICELESS ELLIE all of you that gave us gift cards and money towards Disneyland, these are for you! I think all of you said, "I wish I could see her face!" Well, I caught some of them for you!

That Ethan Theme I was talking about...

(look at the lady's face!)

Ellie loves elephants and has probably watched Dumbo 127 times. So a highlight for her was to meet the Pachyderm in person and ride him!!

Jail Babies

The biggest Nerd in America...and trust me, he wears the title proudly

Monday, May 19, 2008


Our friend Tony is the best. Tony is the bass player in Joey's band Skypark, and is a high school French teacher at Diamond Bar High School. Tony discovered one of his student's amazing musical talents and has been encouraging him in them. Tony is teacher of the century in my opinion...he got Garrett (the student)a really sweet gig...his Senior Prom! Not only did he get him the gig, he got him a back up band and pay. And that band was none other than Tony,Keith(drummer for Skpark) and Joey!They practiced every Saturday for awhile and learned Garretts' music. It was held at The House of Blues which made it that much more exciting to play. It was awesome!! The minute they entered the stage, the crowd went crazy! The high schoolers whose hands were glued to their dates' butts were now raising high in the air in rock-n-roll happiness :) It was great to see the guys play together, they were awesome as always, and it was especially awesome to know that this was probably something that will impact Garrett for the rest of his life! Anyone who comes in contact with Joey Keith Tony (and Tyrone even though he wasn't here for this one) can't go away from that time without being impacted. There has always been and will always be something special about those four :) I am so proud of them!! And Garrett ROCKED!!

I was the photographer for the evening. Here are the rockers: