Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ethan, A Tree, and a Broken Limb

Ethan's first broken bone...fell out of a tree on Sunday. When the doctor asked, "Now, are you going to climb trees again?" He responded undoubtedly..."Yes."
That's my boy!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well, all our faithful blog checkers...we're back. Thought I'd give ya a few highlights of our vacation this year...
My kids getting attacked by a polar bear

Ethan picking up the mating butterflies at the Pavillion...yes, totally against the rules, and...gross.

Ellie doing a dramatic presentation for everyone at her Uncles' baseball game. She was a crowd favorite.

Ethan searching for Sleestacks.

Hoola-Hooping with a stranger at a park in L.A.
ummm...getting stuck on a tree, downhill in Idyllwild...yes, I was driving

Watching the Mountain Man unstuck the truck while getting eaten by mosquitos

Watching Jiffy pop!

Pre-heating for the coldest camping night EVER!!

Joey ripping his jeans skating with the boys at the skatepark

Holding bugs in nature you usually only see in books

No kidding...Ellie riding the mechanical bull at the rodeo

And Ethan...but who's really surprised at the thought of Ethan taking the chance of getting thrown into space by a bull?

And...Joey. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe

And watching the BADDEST photographer DODGE BULLS to get a good shot

Kyler wondering "What killed the cat?"

Wishing I could do this in real life...maybe next year on my bear photography adventure! See you soon, bear friends.

Capturing these moments