Monday, December 17, 2007


Kyler Aszterbaum, the eldest of the Aszterbaum Children, told a source (Ethan Aszterbaum) that the Tooth Fairy went to college with Mommy. The eldest stated that there was an incident in which Mommy's friend mixed the wrong potion and she POOF! grew wings and became very very tiny. A crown adorned with a tooth appeared on her head, and a belt made of teeth also appeared. She evidently was destined to a life of capturing teeth from under pillows and leaving treasures and money for the children. Ethan was captivated and overwhelmed with the knowledge that Kyler had lost a tooth that day. The littlest Aszterbaum boy is eagerly and vicariously waiting the morning's light.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


The snow was so low on our mountains today, so the kids begged to go to Idyllwild (okay, I joined in the begging) we went. We had a great time. Seriously, it is a beautiful thing that this sweet town in the mountains is less than a half an hour away. We love it up there, it feels just so...far away. :)

Ellie loved the snow, she kept observing that there were "Kithsmusth Tees" everywhere. She was very happy about them :)

I kept taking shots of Joey...'cause he looked good!;)

Our Rustic Snow Princess

And our wild and crazy boys flying down the mountain

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Today's Featured Aszterbaum

Kyler Anthony Aszterbaum Skate Pro

Kyler and I checked out a new skatepark in Temecula...and it was awesome! It was the coolest skatepark I have ever seen...and Kyler rocked it :)

Noobie's 1st Birthday

Noobie survived his first year of life!! The little goober dog has been fun. Seriously, he is the BIGGEST GOOBER you will ever meet(besides me) but he is so sweet. The kids LOVE him. He puts up with everything...even Ellie's big love.

Josie made him a Peanutbutter and Dog Food Cake

Even the gooberiest deserve the best