Friday, April 10, 2009

The Leprechauns Did it Again

Once again the wee green dudes hit the home of the Aszterbaums. They peed in our toilet, but hey, they left chocolate gold coins and turned the kids' magic seeds into mini gardens of donutty yumminess. So, I guess they're welcome to come back.

A Penguin, a Puffle and the Snuggly Stunt Man

The Snuggliest Stunt Man turned 7. It makes my head spin that he is that old. Somehow he is only 3 in my head. Do you know what I mean? Does that change when he gets even older? Will he seem 7 when he's 13?! No, he will always be three. How is he so cute, sweet AND the craziest boy EVER? Because there is no one like him. He is a lot of peoples' hero. He is wonderful...he is a blessing and he is my son.

The cake is an igloo if you couldn't tell. It's funky and lopsided, but the little Club Penguin Fan thought it was the greatest.

This was my own fun here. This is Nikki holding up the cake for me so I could get a pic without her head in it. She was just doing such an amazing job, I had to shoot it :)

Springtime at the Farm

Hi all! It has been a really long time! (blame it on facebook) But I miss my family blog and have decided to post here instead of there for all our faithful followers :) So thanks for checkin' back in :)

I am so enjoying our home. With a little help from Cagliero Ranch, Bumper's Crop, rich soil, rain from our good Lord, and an garden area right outside our door (so I don't forget to water)...I have started a garden! So far so good. The goats haven't gotten loose to eat it all and everything still seems to still be we are good.

For those of you that haven't heard, we have a new addition to our farm...Honey, the sweetest pony in the world. She is a lover. She's a fluffy ole thing. Joey and I love to go out to her corral after the kids are in bed to talk to and brush her. SERIOUS mounds of white fluff.

Thanks for checkin' in and we'll just see about my gettin' it in gear here and posting more :)